Do you have trouble knowing what colour shoes and trousers to piece together to create a stylish outfit? With all the Fashionable colours available, it can be tricky to understand what compliments each other. No more stress, Candy is here to help!

I have put together clear examples of what works for you to always use as reference.

Black shoes
A lot of people assume that black footwear is fairly restrictive. Quite the opposite. It’s a classic colour shoe that goes with many colours. The best combinations of colours are white, cream, light grey, blue jeans and tan trousers, deep tones such as burgundy, teal and charcoal grey. Wear black trousers with matching shoes to give the illusions of longer legs. The black shoe should never be worn with brown!




Brown shoes
As I said previously, black and brown do not mix. However, brown footwear will match with nearly every other colour, so feel free to go and experiment. The brown and blue combination is one of my favourites and looks great for all occasions. The brown shoes also works beautifully with ivory, beige, tan or white chinos and blue denim.




Tan shoes
Never a dull moment with the tan shoes! They stand out and give the look of a confident man. Tan shoes look great with so many colours, especially contrasting colours such as burgundy, light blue denim, electric blue and black. Match this colour shoe with a matching belt and BAM… fabulous!



The multi tone
There’s a lot to be said with multi tone footwear, it gives you the perfect opportunity to play with colour and show others you pay attention to detail. The high shine oxford shoes from Ted Baker are a good example of multi tone. You can focus on the blue in the laces, the bright blue detail on the heel and the blue at the front of the shoe and wear blue suit trousers or chinos. You could also pick out the black panel and wear black trousers, or enhance the burgundy part of the shoe with burgundy trousers. So many opportunities to get creative with the multi tone shoes. Go play with colours and show that you’re multi talented!



The statement shoe
Are you the type of guy that loves to strut your stuff and wear shoes that is a conversation piece? Men do tell me a lot that they struggle to match the shoes with a belt. If this is you, I have a little trick! Look at the heel or under sole of the shoe and match the belt to that colour. The shoes below have a black heel and under sole so in this case, you would wear a black belt.

Matching the bold colour with trousers 

The red shoes: Red shoes look great with black trousers, jeans and chinos.

The multi coloured shoe: With the fabulous shoes below by Christian Louboutin I would simply pick black trousers; you wouldn’t wanna take any attention away from these babies!

The Pink shoe: Pink looks best with blue, grey tones, or black in any style of trouser.

Blue with detail: Wear a shoe like this with either jeans or black trousers. Keep the trouser colour simple to make the shoes stand out.



Hopefully now you have a great insight to making your outfits work. Print off the pictures to always use as a guideline! Enjoy feeling more creative and confident in your style ability, and let your confidence ooze out of you with every stride.

“The road is your runway, walk it with passion”


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