Are you happy and successful with your professional career but can’t seem to grasp the art of dating and relationships?

Or perhaps your lack of confidence with social interaction is holding you back?

It can be challenging to find the balance when you’ve worked so hard on your career, you may wonder if you’ll ever find the woman that’s right for you. In one weekend, Life Coach and Dating Expert Candice will help you to discover your true potential and teach you how to get the results you want; from the first time you meet someone, to building a successful and happy relationship. Candice the CEO, Life Coach and Personal Stylist for Gentleman’s Life Styling has helped men for the past six years to overcome these fears, transforming men into the sexy, successful confident man they’ve always wanted to be.


Why Gentleman’s Life Styling is different


An online dating profile can only get you so far, Candice will go into the psychology of what will work for you, and how you can apply it to your dating and love life. Your love life is not text book, therefore Candice will make damn sure that she knows all she needs to know about you to give you the outcome you deserve and desire!

Candice uses a fusion of methods such as NLP and Psychology mixed with her own methods that get amazing results. Her way of teaching is so in depth and passionate that no matter what you’re doing with your life in the future, you’ll always remember what she has taught you.

Imagine having no hesitation speaking to the woman at the bar, building lasting relationships and potentially meeting the one!

“It’s amazing what Candice can do in just a weekend. I was incredibly nervous about this course but after seeing just how much Candice cares, I trusted her to fix all my issues, and boy did she! I am a new man, and only a short time after my course I started dating a lovely woman and it’s going very well. Thank you Candice for allowing me to see my true potential and giving me the confidence to take risks.”
– Dan 37

With her unique theories and practical sessions, you’re shyness with social interaction and dating will be a thing of the past. You will know how to attract the right women to you and who knows… the right person could be just around the corner.


What Candice will cover


What’s included

Don’t spend another day wondering if you’re missing out on meeting the woman that’s right for you, contact Candice by email , call 07564218061; voice or face time. Candice is more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Total price £1050

Deposit £350 non refundable