Feeling confident in your appearance is something desired by almost everyone. And it’s my job as your Personal Shopper to make this happen. This service is great for many reasons: updating your current look, dressing for an occasion such as a wedding or cruise, or to transform you into the stylish, confident man you’ve always wanted to be.

What happens
We start the day by meeting for a coffee to get to know each other. I’ll ask you a variety of questions to make sure I know what you’d like to get from the session/s, and formulate a plan of action.

I’ll then introduce you to the best stores for you and do all the work for you. A fun hassle free shopping experience. During the shop you’ll learn:

At the end of your time with me you’ll have a much better knowledge of the fashion styles that work for you and have confidence in your ability to put creative outfits together on a daily basis, transforming you into the ultimate stylish man.

“I travelled all the way down to London from Chesterfield for a makeover with Candice. The journey was well worth the effort. Candice was amazing, from the very moment I met her it was like meeting an old friend.”– Dave, 42

£70 per hour. We recommend a minimum of three hours. Contact Candice to book your Personal Shopping session today!

* For best results, make sure you have a minimum of £150 to spend on your new look.

If you feel it’s more than just your confidence with fashion that needs fixing, have a look at my Life Coaching page. I work with clients with their personal and professional life, and i’d love to help you!